Thursday, December 18, 2008

Shoe Assassin Needs The Boot!

The last several days, the MSM has had much fun with the shoe-tossing Iraqi Journalist. They thought it was funny.
What I want to know is...where the hell was the Secret Service? How did this idiot manage to get the second shoe in the air and not get capped? I want to know which Agent was in charge and why he hasn't been fired. Had this happened in the U.S., the "journalist" would be dead now, not begging for a pardon from the Iraqi PM...


  1. Note the bespectacled loser ink shuffler shying away from the punk Iraqi journalist. On the other hand, maybe the Iraqi shoe journalist needs a few odor eaters - the stench wafting from the floor and all ...

  2. Did you know that there's already a game for this? :)

  3. That's just sick...and not all that hard, either...:D