Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Rod Blago - Visionary Capitalist

Rod Blagoyevich, Governor of Illinois. Indicted and arrested by U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald for allegedly plotting to sell the Senate seat formerly held by Messiah-Elect Barack Hussein Obama. Many feel he should go to prison, have his money taken from him, or worse. But I disagree, because I believe that the Blago has done the Nation a great service. I will explain.

In this country, we have markets and exchanges for handling all kinds of high value and high volume items. There is the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, and even the Commodities markets made famous in that movie “Trading Places.” Why not an exchange to establish the fair market value for political offices?

An exchange of this type could eliminate the middleman so to speak, buy actually reducing the money needed to achieve state and national office. It could also reduce needless delays from elections. By establishing what the fair market value is for 2 yrs in an Illinois Senate seat at $1.5 million, Blago has done us a great service. As he had not yet bargained for the 5th Congressional District (soon to be vacated by Rahm Emmanuel), we are not as certain of the value it holds.

With several Senate seats being vacated due to Obama's various appointments, the interested parties are now able to determine roughly how much it will cost them to gain access to those offices. If 2 years are worth $1.5 mil, then 4 years should be worth about $3 mil, and a full term $6 mil or more. Doesn't that make it easier?

So please, we salute you Rod Blago-ya-dummy. Being a visionary is not easy, and we understand your pain. I'm sure history will be the judge, and you will be shown to be the Capitalist Hero you are!

Or he could just be an idiot. Its one or the other in my eyes...:D

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