Wednesday, December 24, 2008

(Child) Scientist Disproves Saint Algore!

In a recent development in the sleepy Texas town of Rhome, a young man with a keen mind has successfully disproved part of Saint Algore's theories regarding Global Warming. I know you're all shocked, but its true.
Here is his blog entry on the subject.
Here is a blog entry from his mother on the same thing.
Now, I know what you're thinking, "How can Saint Algore be wrong?" The answer is, of course, that he isn't wrong - Archimedes was!

And in the spirit of Christmas we have a blog entry from Twitter & TCOT's own Reverse Vampyr which also disagrees with Global Warming, and also includes "The 12 Days of Global Warming."


  1. Check out "The Great Global Warming Swindle"

    - Ted

  2. Absolutely, a great flick.

    The point of the story, of course, was that even a kid of mere 12 was able to see through Algore's B.S...:D

  3. The kid is wrong though. Much of the ice is actually on land right now and has no current effect on the ocean levels. Were it to melt and run off into the ocean, the ocean levels would in fact rise.

    This isn't to say that man is the cause of global warming. But, global warming does occur and major ice melts will in fact raise ocean levels if they occur.

  4. One other thing. Gore is intentionally misleading his viewers. C02 levels FOLLOW warming/cooling trends rather than precede them. So increased C02 levels are a result of, rather than a cause of global warming/cooling.