Sunday, August 23, 2009

Why Don't They Call Them Liars?

I was thinking about this the other day, and I've noticed a tendency among politicians and the media - no one has the balls to call someone else a liar.

Opinion guys (like the Talk Radio hosts, and that idiot Olbermann) are more than willing to call someone a liar. But politicians and the main stream media won't. If a man stands outside and tells you the sky is yellow when its not, he's lying. What's so hard about that?

Another politician from the otherside will say "he's being less than truthful." The reporter will say that the comment was "misleading." Another will say that the politician was not "relating all the relevant details."

He's lying!

What has become of this country when no one will point out that the Emperor has no Clothes?

Nothing will change in this country until our elected officials and the allegedly impartial media decide to just say it like it is. If you can't be objective, please don't pretend you are. And lets all agree to quit lying, and pretending that others aren't.

Sometimes the truth is painful. Sometimes it only hurts one person. But by lying we are just "kicking the can" down the road for someone else to deal with, and putting off the pain.

"Health Care Reform" as envisioned by the Progressives is a Socialized Single-Payer Medical System.

"Cap & Trade" will only serve to stifle the economy and put more money and power into the hands of the Federal Government and a bunch of unelected bureaucrats.

And appeasing dictators get you nuclear weapons parked outside the White House.

So please, quit lying to people. Its beneath you.

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