Monday, August 31, 2009

Post-Memorial Thoughts

Well, I am back from the memorial for my Mom. We held it Saturday in Phoenix. I am sure my Mom would have been annoyed at Ted Kennedy's attempt to upstage her...:D

It was a good gathering. I finally got to meet the rest of my cousins - Ashley, Allan and Sophia (Kristen, who I have met a few times before, started at Cornell this year and couldn't make it). Great kids! (I am 43, and my cousins range in age from 19 to 10...:D). And it was good to see the rest of the family and friends.

I've attached a scan of picture my sister found in my Mom's stuff. What you see is me on the left and my older brother Mike on the right. I was 3, he was 5 (so this was 40 years ago...oh man...). My Dad was in the Navy, so of course we had sailor hats.

It was also truly the last time I remember where I didn't spend a significant amount of time pissed off at Mike for some reason or another. I have to tell you, I miss that time. It's my theory that the problems started when I realized I didn't have to listen or necessarily believe whatever Mike told me, and when he realized that I wasn't going to follow him blindly like I had before. Its been downhill ever since.

Mike, I am willing to accept you for who you are. Are you able to accept me for who I am? I think Mom would want us to at least agree to disagree...

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  1. Sir, please accept my condolence on the death of your Mom.

    Your heart points you in the right direction. I, too, have unsaid things in my family with my sisters after our Mom died in 2006 and our Dad died in 2007. It isn't easy being forgiving or as outgoing and friendly as I used to be. Reading your blog gave me a gentle nudge in that direction. Thanks.