Thursday, January 15, 2009

People's Republic of Madison succumbs to Global Warming (Hysteria)

Dateline: Madison, WI - The People's Democratic Republic of Madison, Wisconsin added another nail to it's coffin recently with the addition of several items "for consideration" on it's Agenda for the City Council. Not satisfied with having already moved so far to the Left that Marx and Lenin would both be considered hardcore conservatives in comparison, they are now looking at implementing policy related to the "demands of climate change." These changes would severely curtail personal and property rights even more than they currently are (it was easier to get a handgun in Soviet Russia than it is in Madison). I am truly amazed that anyone is willing to live there. They are also looking to implement policy "to allow the city to function" when oil and oil-related products "become prohibitively expensive because of the scarcity and high-cost of fuel." My only guess is that will entail a small fleet of steam-driven backhoes to dig the graves for the population when they completely give up. That's that American "Never Say Die!" attitude that we love so well!

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